VIP236: Small Molecule Drug Conjugate

What is VIP236?

VIP236 is a small molecule drug conjugate (SMDC). SMDCs are a type of medicine that combines two or more components to create a powerful and targeted treatment. They are designed to target specific cells or proteins in the body, such as those involved in diseases like cancer. By delivering the right ingredients directly to the target, small molecule drug conjugates can potentially improve treatment outcomes and reduce side effects for patients.

VIP236 is currently in a Phase 1 dose escalation study for patients with advanced solid tumors.

How Does VIP236 Work?

  1. VIP236 combines three components:
    1. An αVβ3 integrin, which helps it find and bind to the tumor
    2. A linker which helps break down VIP236 in the tumor area
    3. And a powerful medicine (payload)
  2. Once the payload is released in the tumor area,
  3. It enters the cancer cell, accumulates, and
  4. Damages the cancer cell’s DNA- leading to cell death.

About the Phase 1 Clinical Trial for VIP236

Currently, VIP236 is being evaluated in an open-label multicenter Phase 1 study for patients with advanced cancer. For more information on this Phase 1 study, visit

Am I a good candidate for this study?

We encourage you to speak with your doctor to see if this study is right for you. For this study we are seeking patients that are:

    • 18 years or older, able to provide informed consent and willing to comply with all study procedures.
    • Have confirmed advanced or metastatic solid tumors that are relapsed or refractory to standard of care.
    • Have adequate bone marrow, liver, and renal functions and an ECOG performance status of 0- to 2.

How can I find a clinical trial location for VIP236 near me?

To find study locations in the United States, please visit