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Vincerx is poised to deliver paradigm-shifting therapeutics to address the unmet medical needs of patients with cancer. We have a versatile toolbox of innovative linkers, payloads and bioconjugation chemistries to advance the next generation of small molecule and antibody–drug conjugates with the potential for making significant inroads into the fight against some of the more intractable forms of cancer.

Vincerx has an experienced management and scientific team to advance the company’s therapeutic platform of next generation antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) candidates from discovery to approval, including leveraging the synergies of licensing or strategic partnerships. The company’s goal is to rapidly identify candidate ADCs against promising targets or address challenges of clinical-stage antibodies whose development into ADCs has been limited by current payload and linker technologies. In addition,
our novel first-in-class small molecule drug conjugate (SMDC) has compelling preclinical efficacy across multiple cancer types and is advancing toward the clinic.

Our company’s modular platform offers many partnership opportunities to develop innovative next-generation ADCs and first-in-class small molecule drug conjugates.

Bioconjugation Overview

Vincerx has a modular antibody–drug conjugate platform that allows for the rapid and efficient optimization of desirable tumor targeting properties. This platform has an array of proprietary technologies for linkers, payloads, and related modifications including a legumain linker for improved cancer cell specific payload release; a novel kinesin spindle protein inhibitor (KSPi) payload of high potency in dividing cells; and a CellTrapper™ technology that traps the payload in the target cancer cells.
Target-specific combination of these optimized building blocks allows the precise tuning of the therapeutic window. These proprietary building blocks have been optimized to enable precise tuning of desirable bioconjugate properties, eg, improved physiochemical drug properties, precision tumor targeting and improved safety.

Vincerx’s modular bioconjugation platform provides flexibility in targeting different types of cancer.  For example, our versatile bioconjugation platform allows for different payloads (eg, enzyme inhibitors, immune activators, and cytotoxic agents) and the precise tuning of the desired by-stander effect. The range of possibilities is illustrated by the design of highly tumor cell-specific ADCs with minimal by-stander effect (legumain linker, KSPi-CellTrapper™) to SMDCs (cleavable linker, modified-CPT) designed for warhead release in the tumor microenvironment to maximize killing of the tumor and its supporting cells while limiting unwanted toxicities.

What sets us apart from the rest?

  • R&D management with more than 15 years of experience developing proprietary bioconjugation technologies to address the challenges of current ADCs and SMDCs.
  • Diverse array of optimized modular bioconjugation technologies to develop an optimal therapeutic match for various aspects of tumor biology.

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