Culture & Careers


The ethos of Vincerx is composed of our vision, goals, culture, and assets.


To address the unmet medical needs of our patients with paradigm-shifting therapeutics.


We aspire to conquer cancer with innovative therapies—translating promising scientific breakthroughs into meaningful therapies for patients with cancer.


At Vincerx, we are passionate about our work family. We pledged to create an open, aware, and accepting workplace and, by extension, a responsive, innovative, and successful company.  Vincerx is an organization dedicated to delivering training and other resources to help employees, at all levels, feel a sense of belonging and support and achieve their full potential. We are determined to address biases and inequities that may exist in our industry. We believe our focus on diversity and inclusion will enable us to further strengthen our unique and collaborative culture, continue to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction, and drive innovation and improved performance. Our diversity is our strength and sets us apart from many organizations.  We lead with respect, humanity, integrity, and inclusion.


Our diverse pipeline of targeted medicines consists of:

  • Our small molecule drug program including VIP152, which is a highly selective, clinical-stage positive transcription elongation factor beta/cyclin-dependent kinase 9 (PTEFb/ CDK9) inhibitor and VIP217, an oral PTEFb/CDK9 inhibitor in discovery stage.
  • Our preclinical-stage bioconjugation platform:
    • Our antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) platform includes VIP943 and VIP924, which are next-generation ADC compounds addressing known and novel oncology targets that we believe could deliver an improved safety and efficacy profile than current ADC compounds.
    • Our small molecule drug conjugate (SMDC) platform includes VIP236, which is for solid tumors.

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